Will Power and Man Power

My brothers quite often have family competitions about how manly they are – these competitions involve dress sense, sprinting, sociability, and culminated in a “Man-Decathlon” last summer.

One of the more recent conversations regarding this topic was prominence of facial hair – density and colouring seemed vital aspects.The Orchard boys are quite renowned for being less than hirsute.

A few days later one brother commented on that hair on my chin and remarked that I’ll “get there” with my own facial hair. He only has an inkling that I’m trans, and meant it as a joke, but I smiled and thought,”yes, I am well on my way to competing with them…”.

My facial hair is certainly darker than his blonde stubble.

Sibling rivalry at it’s finest.


5 responses to “Will Power and Man Power

  1. Get thee to iTunes and download a song called “Beard Lust” by Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. I guarantee it will become your #1 personal anthem.

  2. Haha! That is MAGNIFICENT! Yes, yes, yes that’s amazing. I would definitely win the manly contest if I sung that next time I saw my brothers…

  3. i love that one little (actually, long) hair. such a symbol of hope for us all.

    re: beard lust…. mmmmmhmmmmm!!!

    re: ms portman rapping… i wanna tap that.

  4. Here in Minnesota, there is a drag king / transguy dance troupe called “Get Bent!” Last month, they did a big group dance number to “Beard Lust,” and they all wore insane neon pink mustaches and beards. It was pretty much the best show I’ve ever seen in my life.

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