I drew this on the bus to work this morning.

Last night I dreamed I was Batman.

Batman fighting Catwoman.

Catwoman escaped in the end, but, as it was her running from me, I will take it as a win for me.

I totally remember watching the TV Batman reruns growing up, the ones with Adam West. My brothers and I would put it on after school. I remember we had a really goofy hat we’d call the “egghead hat”, named after one of the villains. It was small and white and no matter who put it on they’d always look like an egghead. If there weren’t enough hats to go around you’d be forced into that one, so you had to get in quick whenever we went on beach expeditions or whatnot. No-one ever wanted to be the egg head, especially because everyone else would make sure you’d never forget you were wearing it and you looked like a fool.

Anywho, that show was awesome, and so was my dream.


4 responses to “Best.Dream.Ever

  1. Totally a win for you…Batman always wins… he has a batcave.

    • Did I tell you how I have the special edition Batman DVD (the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton version)?? It’s great, I totally forgot about the weird Prince music video part where the Joker takes over the art museum – it’s so totally odd. It inspired me to get a copy of the comic book based on the movie – I totally loved it as a kid – and found it for like a dollar on trademe. Aaah Tim Burton. I wanna watch Batman Returns now.

  2. did i ever tell you about my dream that i had sex with satan?

    (i’m just sayin’…. it might rival yours for the best dream ever…)

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