I Heart Rufus

The day after I finished this comic I went onto Mr. Wainwright’s site only to find that his NZ tour has been cancelled! Alas! But at least it gives me some more time to grow some Rufus-worthy facial hair.


5 responses to “I Heart Rufus

  1. this comic is so awesome. i love my face in the one where i’m going “yaay.” it makes me feel happy.

    but then: WAAAAAAAAAAAH! rufus not coming. that is not happy. that is distinctly not happy. that is possibly one of the most not happy things that has ever happened in the history of the universe.

    sigh. well i still have cool hair. at least in the comic i do.

  2. I am soooo happy you put this into a comic!!! Sooo Happy…I think it made my day! Even though sad Rufus not coming 😦

  3. My mom got to MEET Rufus AND see his Judy Garland tribute show in Los Angeles. And then she texted me mockingly to tell me so. The world is not fair.

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