Queer Avengers

So, we’re starting up a Queer Avengers group here, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s  in its very early stages so we’re just getting together to chat about what we want to do. The premise of the group is to get together queer people interested in being a political force within our community; for me it seems to be about advocacy, education, and visibility.

Homophobia and transphobia can be pretty hard to be around, and this group is about finding creative, fun, affirming, and empowering ways to combat it in the place where we live. The sorts of things I’m keen to see happen is to make our city leaders stand up against the violence and discrimination that can happen here (it’s pretty sad that the majority of high schools down here either make it very hard, or don’t allow people to take same-sex partners to schools); I want to make the Police Diversity Liaison Officers more accessible for queer people in the city; I want to make sure that queer friendly businesses and organisations are celebrated; I want I want I want.

If anyone has cool ideas, campaigns, actions, advice, energy, anything they wanna share, please let us know!

9 responses to “Queer Avengers

  1. Um, obviously the first thing you need are T-shirts emblazoned with the comic pictured above. Actually, just send one to me, please. And thanks.

  2. oh yes i agree with franzen.

    i love how the superheros are GLOWING. radioactive queer pride. like, anti-nuclear power. HA!

  3. also let it be noted that when i am a queer avenging superhero, i’m going to wear a cape. and definitely those purple boots.

  4. I may be fighting you for those purple boots Joe…and Tshirt = Hell Yes!

  5. T-shirts for all!! And yes, capes, I was contemplating including them, but gave them up in favour of tight singlets and butt shots. Ah, the decisions I have to make.

  6. EXLNT! can there be a chch queer in your avengers???? Sounds fabulous, the boots sold it to me 🙂

  7. Little late to the party here…. did this actually get set up?
    *is in Dunedin*

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