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I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while:

Doodle… hehehe, doodle…etc.

Just a little something from my sketchbook.


Last week, on holiday, I was walking on K rd looking in op shops and spending way too much money, when I cam across a poster. The poster had fallen on the ground, so it caught my eye; the image seemed instantly familiar so I picked it up to have a better look:

Book Launch and Exhibition: Hicksville

Now I’m not up north very often, book launches here for graphic novels happen less often, and book launches for New Zealand graphic novels happen even less often. I almost peed my pants when I realised I’d still be in town for it.

Of course I went and mostly stood in the corner feeling nervous and overwhelmed. Joe quite happily wandered around picking up books and looking at the panels of Hickville for sale on the wall. But, it was awesome.

The launch was held at The High Seas gallery, an awesome space on Beresford st. and had a nice little collection of graphic novels, comic books and zines. *Swoon*

I picked up a nice stash; the NZ edition of Hicksville (wonderfully signed by Dylan Horrocks), Hunter and Painter by Tom Gauld, and Jessica’s Rival (an issue of Jessica of the Schoolyard by the Comic Book Factory – I seriously heart these guys).

Super yay.


Comic for the week:


As promised: our finished newsletter!

Letting Go

My great-grandma and I share the same given name. We also share the fact that both of us stopped using our given names. I really loved her, she was a rascally, radical woman, a devious liar, a wonderful storyteller, and a chocolate fanatic. I want to do a series of comics on her life, celebrating who she was, and her connection to me. It feels important as I go on this path of becoming that I say goodbye – and celebrating my great-grandma seems like a great way of saying “thanks for the name, I really appreciated it, but now I’m going to let it go.”

Mo’s for ‘Mos

Mustaches! As practice on my tablet and for a little project of mine. My favourite part has been coming up with names for the different styles…

Choo Choo!

For the first time in about 40 years, the train will come through our little townlet to stop and pick up passengers at our upper station. Tomorrow is the annual Walk to Work Day and in honor a commuter train between Waitati and Dunedin will run, picking up people in order to promote more sustainable transportation. According to the newspaper “To ensure all goes smoothly at the new stop, two “stationmasters”…will be on duty.”

Guess who the Stationmasters are??

Joe and I pretty much jump at every opportunity to dress up. Plus, see that sign we’re leaning on? I painted it. Yup I’m cool.


I’ve been feeling super sad lately.

Paint inside the lines

As part of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, our local community gardens in Port Chalmers held a gardening/mural painting/ muffin eating day of awesomeness. In the middle of our gardens we have a giant wall of boringness – a big wall of grey bricks.We got one of the local artists to draw up a mural on one side last year, and then, last weekend we painted a mural on the remaining boring side. We did it paint by numbers style; each number correlated to a colour, like those books and posters kids do – I remember doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one when I was 10, it was SO awesome.

Anyway, who was the artist of this second side? Me! Woo!

In a fit of manliness I got a roller and white-coated (official term) over the grey [NOTE: rollers, especially when you’re rolling an area much taller than you are, spray paint all over you. ALL over you; on your glasses, t-shirt, pants, in between your toes, all through your hair – gravity, you were not my friend that day)]. Then outlined the mural in question with the help of some fabulous friends. On Sunday we put in numbers and attempted to colour it in with the help of some neighbourhood munchkins.

I really love where I live.

Update! Almost Done: