Paint inside the lines

As part of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, our local community gardens in Port Chalmers held a gardening/mural painting/ muffin eating day of awesomeness. In the middle of our gardens we have a giant wall of boringness – a big wall of grey bricks.We got one of the local artists to draw up a mural on one side last year, and then, last weekend we painted a mural on the remaining boring side. We did it paint by numbers style; each number correlated to a colour, like those books and posters kids do – I remember doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one when I was 10, it was SO awesome.

Anyway, who was the artist of this second side? Me! Woo!

In a fit of manliness I got a roller and white-coated (official term) over the grey [NOTE: rollers, especially when you’re rolling an area much taller than you are, spray paint all over you. ALL over you; on your glasses, t-shirt, pants, in between your toes, all through your hair – gravity, you were not my friend that day)]. Then outlined the mural in question with the help of some fabulous friends. On Sunday we put in numbers and attempted to colour it in with the help of some neighbourhood munchkins.

I really love where I live.

Update! Almost Done:


6 responses to “Paint inside the lines

  1. That’s…freaking adorable! Go the anklebiters!

  2. I knoooooooow! I love how bright it is, we had a few incidents of splatter, including purple feet and pink taking over a leaf, some red cabbage and a bush… but apart from that it looks great. We’re getting taller kids in this weekend to work on the sky. Sooo much happiness.

  3. Thats awesome!!! Ill have to come and check it out! Great to have a community garden… We nearly ended up with the sea in ours on Sunday… blimmin Tsunamis.

  4. Sam, that is so super cool! That made my day today when I read this and have been thinking about it all day on my bike. Just had to come back on and say so.


    • Yeh I feel really lucky to be in a place that has something as cool as this. Sounds like your trip is pretty amazing – hope the place you stayed wasn’t so bad after all. Loving all your stories!

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