Choo Choo!

For the first time in about 40 years, the train will come through our little townlet to stop and pick up passengers at our upper station. Tomorrow is the annual Walk to Work Day and in honor a commuter train between Waitati and Dunedin will run, picking up people in order to promote more sustainable transportation. According to the newspaper “To ensure all goes smoothly at the new stop, two “stationmasters”…will be on duty.”

Guess who the Stationmasters are??

Joe and I pretty much jump at every opportunity to dress up. Plus, see that sign we’re leaning on? I painted it. Yup I’m cool.


12 responses to “Choo Choo!

  1. Oh my god, I just threw up a rainbow. YOU GUYS ARE SOOOO DAMN CUTE!!! The jackets tossed jauntily over your shoulders … genius … such flair.

  2. Waistcoats—is there anything they don’t make awesome?

  3. Yaaaay!! Waistcoats are the most superior clothing item.

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  5. hehee eeeeeeeeeeeeee i heart your cute little faces. this made me a very happy, smiley cookie.

    i especially like the browns Sam, very suave outfit.

  6. I found your blog through Erika Moen, and I’ve been going through the back entires…but I just had to comment on this one! Cute boys + waistcoats + trains = ❤

  7. I excuse me for saying, but rawr. I was in NZ in Nov and I wish I’d read all of this and been brave enough to say “Hey guys, want a coffee? You are two good looking gents.

  8. Just saw the pic on the Transguys tumblr and I had to comment. This makes me wanna rock on down to Dunners and catch the train with you snazzy gentlemen : )

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