Mo’s for ‘Mos

Mustaches! As practice on my tablet and for a little project of mine. My favourite part has been coming up with names for the different styles…


3 responses to “Mo’s for ‘Mos

  1. I always call the furthest down and left one ‘The Definer’. Heck if I know why…
    Anyhow, I got recommended here from Erika Moen, and I’ll definitly be reading.

    Seeing as how I’m a dandified queer transman… well, I can certainly relate. ^^;
    Go man go!

    • Yeh, I called that one the 90’s indie kid cos of any movie that Kevin Smith has done – there’s always at least one character with that style.
      And – Yay for Erika Moen and double yay for Dandified Queer Transmen!

  2. triple yay!

    and i was gonna say, sam, you should add the names you made up… but maybe this way people get to invent their own.

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