Letting Go

My great-grandma and I share the same given name. We also share the fact that both of us stopped using our given names. I really loved her, she was a rascally, radical woman, a devious liar, a wonderful storyteller, and a chocolate fanatic. I want to do a series of comics on her life, celebrating who she was, and her connection to me. It feels important as I go on this path of becoming that I say goodbye – and celebrating my great-grandma seems like a great way of saying “thanks for the name, I really appreciated it, but now I’m going to let it go.”

2 responses to “Letting Go

  1. Aw, I’m looking forward to reading those.
    I lucked out a little… I was Lucretia, and in the end I decided to just become Lucretius. Luc, for short.

    • Cool, that’s an awesome name! And I think it makes it a bit easier on some levels if you don’t have to change your name too much. I’d been using Sam as a pseudonym for years before I really thought about it’s gendered relevance, and my given name would not ever be able to be transferred to a boyish one, so Sam felt so natural and fitting. Though lately it feels like people keep saying Sam and using female pronouns, which feels hard, so I feel like I need to pull out the “Sam, short for Samuel” line to ensure no confusion.

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