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11 responses to “Scandal!

  1. I love you guys.
    I love your openness and in your own words, your RADness!!
    I don’t currently have a home (just a bicycle and a nomadic nature) but if you’re ever lurking around the same patch of grass (actually gravel’s more common) then I’d love to have you for dinner. I’m getting quite good at cooking using two pots on the one little camp stove. Sounds simple, but it’s quite tricky partially cooking each pot and then timing the finishing off so that all the food is warm.

    Love this blog, it’s my #1 when I have time and access to net!

    Much love

  2. Oh. My. Buckets.

    That was amazing. And my vote for Joe’s moustache is The Evil Villain. Y’know, the kind with curly bits on the ends, so you can twiddle them mischievously whilst plotting foul deeds.

    DO IT!!!

    • Oooooooooooh yes, yes, yes Joe’d be sooo cute as an evil villain, I’d have to kiss him and pinch his face everytime i’d see him – “who’s a cutie-cutie villain??”

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  4. I kinda should do one for myself, only ‘yeah, this girl will have more in the way of boobs, and will still beat up boys only she’ll be cuter doing it’

  5. You remind me quite intensely of myself, except my deal is sweaters and I switch pronouns on a daily basis.
    On an unrelated, or perhaps deeply related note, have you seen the Star Trek TOS Reboot movie, and if so, are you as gay for it as I am?

    • Hhaha! Excellent! Sweaters are very exciting also. You know, I’ve had that movie sitting on my desktop for about a year but haven’t seen it yet! So thanks for prompting me! I will get right on it.

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