Doodle… hehehe, doodle…etc.

Just a little something from my sketchbook.

6 responses to “Doodle… hehehe, doodle…etc.

  1. Perfect timing!

    Being that there is quite a lot of time for pondering and chatting riding for 8ish hours a day, the girls have been asking me a lot about you and Joe (as I have been raving about your blog) and the wider queer community in general. It is a topic that we keep coming back to often.
    This has opened my eyes to many of the misconceptions that exist, even within the queer community itself (which I didn’t expect #narrowmindedopenmindedness).
    I just said to the girls in the last couple of days that genitalia doesn’t factor in to how one defines themselves, unless, one defines that as being important to the definition.
    I have told them numerous times to check out your blog (particularly the newsletter comic) and have just emailed them links!!

    Thank you Sam, very much, for all the fabulous comics & posts (love getting my fix of them weekly); when I run out of ideas on how to convey these ideas it’s great to come on here and get fresh inspiration etc.

    This comic fits well with Thompsons’ Law which has been identified for future discussions/ponderings.

    Looking forward to it already

  2. Thanks Chris! Your comment gave me the warm fuzzies 🙂 I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately; how we support difference in a community built upon difference, and something about the dissemination of information. As you can see it’s not coherently thought out yet….

  3. chris: you are awesome.

    sam: i love that you have a ‘nakey’ tag.

    queer communities in general: let’s all appreciate and respect each other without basing our criteria for group membership on outdated models of gender=biological sex=genitals=only two genders/sexes and you best not be plannin’ on movin’ around in those boxes at all!

    group hug?

  4. Group hug indeed!

  5. …so it’s a diddle doodle?
    *ducks a thrown tomato*

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