Somewherrrrre Under the Rainbow…

So I spent most of last night putting together some pieces for an exhibition in Wellington in the next few weeks. It’s called UNDER THE RAINBOW and it’s a fundraiser for Out Wellington Inc. It looks like it’s gonna be a pretty rad exhibition, exploring the experiences of Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans life in Aotearoa through art.

SO!  If you’re in Wellington, around 6.00pm on Monday 12 April you should go to the opening. It’ll be exhibiting allll week, then on Saturday the 17th at 7pm they’ll do the big auctiony thing. So, yeh, go, look at my art, raise money for a good cause!

8 responses to “Somewherrrrre Under the Rainbow…

  1. Hey they look good on the board! Yay!

  2. Fantastic news Sam!
    Really wish I could go, I think that would just be brilliant to see your work exhibited!
    Yay my friends finally looked up your blog – and in particular your newsletter. They were reading the myth busting section and they were really excited about it. It made them think and then they came to me with comments like ‘I totally agree transpeople totally don’t reinforce the gender binary…’. And we finally had some good discussions that went somewhere rather than round in circles. AND, when they scrolled up and saw your drawing of ‘genitals don’t dictate pronouns’ that was the end of another rediculous concept in their heads. Yay.

  3. Oooh, I will happen to be there that week… yay

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