Types of love…

It’s kind of hard to talk about sexuality when it’s so anchored in gender. Both the gender of the person holding the attraction, and the gender of the person they’re attracted to becomes integral. If either of those categories become unfixed or destabilised, or are, indeed, fixed in ambiguity it becomes all kinds of complicated. So, for example, if Joe identifies as a trans/genderqueer person, and I, as a transman, how do we describe our sexuality? And is it even necessary to?


9 responses to “Types of love…

  1. I tooootally feel you on this topic. And I’ll leave it at that.

  2. what about trans love?

  3. How about transensual….sounds a bit sexier than translove don’t you think???

  4. I totaly know what oy mean, At this point, the only think I am *quite* sure that I am *not* is a lesbian. Girl on girl does nothing for me… I mean, it;s adorable, but hot? Eh.

    However, I do differentiate between fag-love and manchrushes~

    • Yes, differentiating between faglove and mancrushes makes total sense, see there’s even a whole range and continuum of desire in the midst of the continuums of sexuality as well. Oh so complicated.

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