8 responses to “Sorry

  1. I’m sorry you’re sorry.

  2. My grandpa Selig (who I never met, but who was very smart) used to say: “guilt is a wasted emotion.” I think he was right.

  3. why do you have paint dribbles all over yourself? 😛

    this is the way i’ve been feeling a lot lately too.

  4. Thanks chris.

    Agreed Alex, though it feels hard to actually sink in on a day to day living kind of way.

    And Giang – I like paint dribbles. We are excellent wallow-ers, I am relying on the assumption that wallowing is just a phase… like sexuality, perhaps? Oooooh.

  5. bam dam bum. i hate sexuality as much as wallowing, i wish it would just pass and i could become a potato again!

    • Po-ta-toe. Whenever anyone says/writes/mumbles/declares ‘potato’ I alwayshave an urge to sound it out like samwise in the lord of the rings, when he’s being condescending to gollum. And that, is my thoughts on that.

  6. I just wanted you to know that this comic really spoke to me, and that I’m a big fan in general. =)

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