Name Calling

Sometimes I worry about holding Joe’s hand walking down the street. I feel worried that we’ll get shouted at or weird looks. So I hold back. But then I start feeling angry that I feel like that, so that makes me want to hold his hand even more, as a “I’m not going to indulge your homophobia” statement. But then I feel worried again. It usually results in my hand waving weirdly towards Joe’s, and then away again, as we walk down the street. I’m sure this doesn’t look weird at all, right?

The weirdest thing we’ve been yelled at has been “Get your hands off my sister” from a truck full of guys in the Octagon. So, yes, for future reference, “Fag” is best.

5 responses to “Name Calling

  1. i love it how people just yell out what they see. imagine if i just went along going, “SMALL CAR!”, “SHOP DISPLAY!”, “SHINY BICYCLE!”, “STRIPEY AWESOME JUMPER!” i guess screaming at inanimate objects just doesn’t get the same reaction.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha! I’m gonna start doing that and see! “THE OCTAGON!” “ROBBIE BURNS!” “HOYTS CINEMA!”…. this could keep me entertained for hours

  3. ZOMG! Whenever my GF and I walk around my ‘hood, we seem to attract an endless array of commentary.

    One of my all-time favorites: a young man — upon seeing us holding hands — blurted out, “Hey, do y’all go out?” After we quickly strode by (without responding) he scoffed and muttered, “betcha don’t.”

    Actually, Annie is convinced that he said “Hey, do y’all WANNA go out?” followed by “betcha don’t.” Which is even funnier.

  4. CameoAppearance

    I could see myself pointing and shouting “STRIPEY AWESOME JUMPER”, if I was a little less inhibited. And a little less Canadian, since I would be more inclined to say “sweater”.

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