Being Queer

Remember that auction up in wellington I was talking about in an earlier post? Well, I did an original piece of art for it, and some prints of old stuff. Well the night ended up raising over $3000! And all my pieces got sold, woopwoo! Anyways, I thought I’d pop the original up here.


7 responses to “Being Queer

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  2. Very cool Sam!
    Congrats on the sales, your first?

    Wish I’d pinched one of your napkin doodles now – they’ll be worth a fortune soon enough!!

    • Thanks chris! Kinda first sales, I’ve done some small scale commissions before, but that was the first showing 🙂
      Haha I’m sure there’ll be plenty of more opportunity for napkin swiping in the future. You are coming back here eventually, right??!

      • Not too sure really – perhaps around the festive season I may dally on down to visit, but I am kinda hoping to venture off into the big wide world for a bit.

        We shall see – if I’m back I’ll sure be on the look out for a napkin though!


  3. Ya Ya I saw this up in Wellington and it made me very excited! I’m also excited to have found this awesome blog,thankyou! I grew up in Dunedin but have come out as trans up here in Welly so its nice to here of some trans boys down in my homeland!

  4. Just found your blog, your comics are making me smile so much.

    I’m queer too. I don’t really know what that means, but I know my sexuality and gender isn’t what it’s ‘meant’ to be. I am a pretty femme girl dating a (mostly) butch guy, but that’s only what it is from the outside! I don’t know that I could put the rest of it into words, because it’s mostly about how all my little internal boundaries that require labels have crumbled away. Hoorah!

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