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I really am a bit of a jerk

Posters and Pegasus’

Here’s a couple of things I’ve been doing lately…

Firstly – a quiz night poster:

If anyone’s in Dunedin on June 18th they should totally put together a team and come down. Because Port Chalmers quiz nights are rad and Volunteer Otago is even radder.

Second thing:

A friend of mine recently had a birthday and as I have no money I said I’d make her a picture. Well, she asked for a picture of her dog riding a pegasus unicorn over a rainbow above the view from Port Chalmers. Hence, the above. I have discovered that my friends are odd, but awesome.

Joe and his feline friend.

How did I manage to make superman gay?

My local comic book store has some really awesome old comics. It’s so fun drawing in that style.

My television told me…

I guess this isn’t just about television – in fact it’s mostly about articles I read online – but I liked the idea of drawing myself in front of a TV. I’ve had to make a rule against reading the comment section of a lot of articles I read online because I end up feeling more hurt. The reference to Johnny Weir – ice-skater extraordinaire – came from this article from the blog a while ago. Reinterpretation is definitely the way to go, makes my article reading a lot happier…

Same Old Stories…

So I’ve been playing with stencils lately – mostly of film images and icons. Putting images together, and playing with the shapes that shadows and light makes. It’s pretty weird when I start thinking about how much the brain makes up itself when given a few clues; blobs in certain places, and in certain shapes on a page (or a screen) are interpreted by the brain as faces.

It reminds me of something that Scott McCloud writes about, about comics; how little we actually need to make a face, like those yellow smiley faces – two well placed dots and a curve in a circle = face.

So, stencils are interesting in and of themselves, and I’m thinking about them in comparison to my comics – images of human form reduced to more simple representations, still getting across a lot of information.

These images below, are a series that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) in the shower scene in Psycho and Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) in Taxi Driver (ohhh, my film geek is showing). I was thinking about how often women are victims and men are perpetrators of violence – and these two images popped into my head. But I reckon they’re most interesting because they’re kind of complicated, within the context of the films themselves, and the careers of the films’ directors (Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorcese ,respectively).

Oh dear, I could probably type an essay about this stuff. I think I’ve been spending too much time by myself. But the images look cool:


This has felt like a conversation I’ve been having with myself for a while now. I had heard about the Drink and Draw Like a Lady evenings in Portland and thought “woah, that’d be awesome! If I were there I’d totally go!”, and then did a double take. Nope, I wouldn’t go. Sad.

As I let more and more people know about where I’m at, and start to ask them to use Sam and male pronouns, I become more aware of the things that I have to give up. It’s not a regretful kind of thing, just a noticing of loss.

So, yes, apologies to: Erika MoenDylan MeconisCristy C. RoadLucy Knisley, Danielle Corsetto, and Kris Dresen.

Pink Shirt Day

So last week we had Pink Shirt Day in New Zealand. Pink Shirt day is a an international campaign aiming to show that bullying is not ok and won’t be tolerated. People were encouraged to wear a pink shirt to raise awareness of bullying and show the massive amount of people who support taking a stance against bullying and believe that bullying should not be tollerated anywhere no matter what the reasons or circumstances are.

I helped organise a little promotion for it down in Dunedin – hanging out some washing across the Octagon (our city centre) – namely pink shirts. The local TV came down to say hello 🙂 – Watch it Here!

Shoot ’em up!

So, Joe had his first T-shot a week or so ago…