Shoot ’em up!

So, Joe had his first T-shot a week or so ago…


8 responses to “Shoot ’em up!

  1. Owwwww! I loathe needles. But congrats! 😀

    Also, the syringe in the third panel looks like an Olde-Tymey Syringe from a steampunk era gone by. Which obviously makes it extra-awesome.

    • Yay, yes, well have no fear – if you decide to be more boy-inclined the necdle isn’t that scary! And, they stick it in your butt, so you don’t ever even need to see it.
      Olde-tymey needles are awesome – it looked much more current-tymey in real life, however… possibly a relief?

  2. nice bum, joe 😉

  3. Belated congrats to Joe! (I pretty much just found this site, so yeah)

    I remember my first time, only about 11 weeks ago now. When I saw the needle the nurse used to draw it, I was like ‘oh god, she’s gonna stick me with that?’ When I she switched it to a smaller needle to inject, I was very much relieved, and then amazed at how much it didn’t really feel like anything. Now I do it myself at home.

  4. super belated congrats to him. ive never heard of the shots hurting. ive been on T since last july(09)and they never bothered me either.

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