Pink Shirt Day

So last week we had Pink Shirt Day in New Zealand. Pink Shirt day is a an international campaign aiming to show that bullying is not ok and won’t be tolerated. People were encouraged to wear a pink shirt to raise awareness of bullying and show the massive amount of people who support taking a stance against bullying and believe that bullying should not be tollerated anywhere no matter what the reasons or circumstances are.

I helped organise a little promotion for it down in Dunedin – hanging out some washing across the Octagon (our city centre) – namely pink shirts. The local TV came down to say hello 🙂 – Watch it Here!


3 responses to “Pink Shirt Day

  1. Eep! You’re a famous TV star!!! I’m nostalgic for The Octagon. Does The Percolator still exist?

    • Ah, the percolator got taken over by someone else and lost at least 12 cool points in my estimations, the food is less happy. Metro got turned into a bar and they took down my comic and lost it’s inherent queerness (not due to taking down my comic… but it’s still gone now, it’s kind of cook-ish). BUT Mash opened up (which I love) and they make excellent coffee, and are very queer friendly. Plus Al Bar is a happy place to go. Aaand the Regent is still kickin’ on, and there’s signs up for the 24 hour book sale that’s happening later this month (BEST.DAY.EVER.). Plus, the octagon got free wireless, which I’m using right now. It’s a happy morning.

  2. Massive effort team! Proud of you all out there making a wicked difference in our community!


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