My television told me…

I guess this isn’t just about television – in fact it’s mostly about articles I read online – but I liked the idea of drawing myself in front of a TV. I’ve had to make a rule against reading the comment section of a lot of articles I read online because I end up feeling more hurt. The reference to Johnny Weir – ice-skater extraordinaire – came from this article from the blog a while ago. Reinterpretation is definitely the way to go, makes my article reading a lot happier…


9 responses to “My television told me…

  1. there’s gay panic defense and tranny panic defense, right? they would be some AWESOME moves. oh johnny weir, you are so damn queer. (i had a whole poem written rhyming with weir and queer, but i feel too creepy to post it.)

  2. yes I do think you need to post it!

  3. Your comics are pretty fuckin’ charming. I like!

  4. 😀 this is basically how my partner and i decided to name our website…the idea that the phrase ‘gender panic’ sounded like something we should appropriate and make cool. love your cartoons btw. 😀

  5. mind if i make a post on my website about your comic actually? i will of course cite you and provide a link to your blog. just let me know. 😀

    • Haha, yay, I love the idea of taking something that’s supposed to sound bad and making it cool! And, yeh, you totally can link up my comic and do a write up about it. Sounds awesome, your site looks great 🙂

  6. cool, thanks. 😀 i will do that sometime this week. your ‘awesome people’ links are quite neat; i have been reading through a lot of comics this week! maybe one day my site will actually have a comic like it was supposed to, ha.

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