How did I manage to make superman gay?

My local comic book store has some really awesome old comics. It’s so fun drawing in that style.


5 responses to “How did I manage to make superman gay?

  1. Ha, thats so funny! I thought your latest pictures of yourself were slightly more masculine looking so maybe you’ve given Superman some of your femininity and acquired some of his masculinity. 😀

    You’ve made him look a bit like a dark Jude Law.

    I love the collection of faces and expressions in the old style above.

  2. Silver-age Supes was absolutely in the closet. It’s why he was constantly avoiding all the ladies trying to chase after and romance him. And why Jimmy Olsen got the title “special pal”. Society just wasn’t ready for a gay Superhero at that time!

    After all, his powers are FANTASTIC!

  3. Haha yeh Reatha maybe I only have so much masculinity to go around that it’s emasculating my others guys – oops. Or, possibly, it’s like you say Tim – that they’re pretty gay anyway… I love that link! Special power of rainbows!

  4. Loving the eyebrows!!!!

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