Joe and his feline friend.

4 responses to “Joe and his feline friend.

  1. bobby d looks so good in comic form! but of course, ms blanchett is enticing in an entirely different way. and YOU, sir, take the cake. (metaphor for gay sex?)

  2. Too cute! Bobs looks great as a comic. There is something magic about how cats expand 3x over once they are in contact with a bed or sofa…Cosmos and Noodles were experts in expansion magic! Yay for co-parenting!

  3. This one is really great to me, as an obsessor over a co-parented cat who goes by many strange names, but especially as a genderqueer person in love with Cate Blanchett as Dylan. I inherited my Dylan-love from my dad and watched “I’m Not There” shortly before he passed.

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