I really am a bit of a jerk

3 responses to “I really am a bit of a jerk

  1. I wish my sock drawer was as beutifully organised as yours joe. I’ve got as far as pairs, and enough for a clean pair every day:)

  2. No way, I’m with Sam;
    I only own one pair of socks and I have worn them every day for 77 days in a row, whilst cycling – HA!
    I do want it noted that I tried to wash them at least twice a week however.
    Even though I’ve stopped touring now I’m not sure I will invest in more, I rather like the ‘essentials’ way of living that I’ve grown accustomed to.

  3. Evan, Joe reckons his sock draw isn’t quite as neat as this (I’m not sure that I’d agree…), mine’s definitely not and I keep losing socks!
    Chris – ONE pair???! When you’re spending most hours of the day biking??! Wow, I’m shocked and impressed! They must be a pretty amazing pair of socks. Downsizing is a fun experience, and one I’ve been meaning to do for some time. I don’t think I’ll quite need to cycle the length of Australia to do it, though 🙂

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