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OUSA Self Harms

I live in a university town – in fact Dunedin’s uni is the oldest in New Zealand. So on the 5th of July (during the middle of school holidays) the executive decided to hold a referendum to see if students wanted to downsize their student association (OUSA) executive.

The argument goes is that the student association is big business – millions of dollars to manage – and with 17 people on the executive it’s too “dysfunctional”. So they want to cut it down.

Instead of offering students a choice of models of how a downsized exec might look they picked one model and asked students to vote on it. In this model the exec gets cut from 17 members down to 10. A more “manageable” number.


In this model we lose the Women’s Rep, Pacific Island Rep, and Queer Rep, and the Maori Rep’s role changes significantly. In conclusion we lose representation for already vulnerable, disenfranchised groups.

Through a series of incredibly bias posters, and manipulation of student apathy, the referendum passed. Albeit by a mere 78 votes.

This would be somewhat ok if  OUSA really was merely a business. If it was only about managing assets, putting on shows and making money, money, money.

But, it’s not.

OUSA is responsible for representation, for student welfare, and for making political noise.  It’s the group of young leaders that we go to: it is our voice for systemic change within the university, within the city and to the big fella’s in the government; it provides us with advocacy and support spaces; it campaigns for our rights; it represents us in all our diversity.

And we’ve just lost the voice, representation and visibility for Women, Pacific Islanders and Queer people.

Super suck.

Hair Self Care

Sorry it’s a little late folks…


To make up for my late-late comic this week here’s another one of wolverine, more hairy this time 🙂

Mustache or Moustache…?

I’ve been watching lots of transman vlogs on Youtube lately, it’s really interesting what testosterone-induced changes people are excited about – or not excited about. Voice breaking, facial hair, body hair, muscles, flatter chest, etc. etc.

And, yep, facial hair is definitely what I’m most keen for.

Heroes in glass

I was thinking about icons the other day, how we have images that we produce to put across a message about heroism, or beauty, or any other ideal. I remember being fascinated by church stained glass heroes, saints, and their stories; Joan of Arc – Transman Extraordinaire, St. Francis of Assisi – Original Hippie, St. Anthony – Mr. Find it. I wanted to do one about people who just are, despite the rhetoric that exists to relegate us to the fringes; people so comfortable in themselves that it makes it impossible to buy into the idea that we’re freaks.


This still creeps me out.

Let’s Get Critical

So, I’ve been decided that one of the ways to structure me doing art and feeling inspired is to do stuff that people ask. My super talented friend is the designer for our cities university student magazine; Critic, and I asked if I could do some one off type cartoons for it when she needed them. I did a strip for the magazine for a couple of years when I was actually at uni, but got bored with it after a while (and wanted to do more personal strips!), so it’s kinda nice to come back to it and do some odd-bod stuff.

I’m gonna do the cover for the upcoming queer issue, and possibly a centrefold poster for it too… so I think you’ll see the return of Wolverine

PS. The above guys are Nick Smith, our current minister for the environment and our Prime Minister John Key.