Mustache or Moustache…?

I’ve been watching lots of transman vlogs on Youtube lately, it’s really interesting what testosterone-induced changes people are excited about – or not excited about. Voice breaking, facial hair, body hair, muscles, flatter chest, etc. etc.

And, yep, facial hair is definitely what I’m most keen for.


15 responses to “Mustache or Moustache…?

  1. Hey Sam
    Lol I’m looking forward to the facial hair too! But so far I have to wait and see what the endo says. But ahhhh facial hair is epic win.

    Once again another awesome cartoon.


  2. It’s a pleasure to find another trans cartoonist…. even moreso to find one by a transman! Evenmoreso to find a really GOOD one! Keep going, this is great!

  3. I was definitely really looking forward to facial hair too! I find it really fun now to watch what patterns it grows in for all my friends who have started T recently too. Myself, I got a little bit of a moustache first, but now it’s all under my chin. Other guys get sideburns ASAP. Whichever way, it’s super exciting!

  4. I agree with Christine! We totally need new, great trans comics out there! I’ll be bringing back the trans storyline in my 7th book and in the meantime I’m faving your comic. Great find. 🙂

  5. My comic’s not trans per se, but I have a LOT of LGBT history wrapped up in it. Christine loved my storyline with the mtf trans Priestesses of Kybele, and I’m introducing a side group of theirs called the Melissae, who had their history destroyed…I believe they were Ancient Greek transmen.
    Promises to be fun. 🙂

  6. Have you tried fake facial hair? I switch gender presentation a lot, so I’ve made a collection of crepe-hair beards and mustaches. When you do the work yourself, you can get a custom look that’s very convincing. Lots of fun for presenting, though I’m sure not satisfying like growing your own.

  7. Haha Sam.
    I’ve tried spirit gum too. Hurts to take it off though!

    Today at school they called me Sam instead of Adam. I was like haha Sam and Joey =D The comic book guys.


  8. Very itchy and painful. It’s not long till my appointment at the hospital though(have to go through the psych first) but it’s like Ahhh AND YAY I MADE YOUR DAY. 😀 I love these comics. I found one off here called Action man Adam. Haha.

    Adam 🙂

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