Hair Self Care

Sorry it’s a little late folks…

7 responses to “Hair Self Care

  1. Yay hair cuts. I need another one. Awesome comic by the way. Have yet to find a trans-friendly hairdresser.

  2. Yuuuusssss! I fully comprehend. I plan forthcoming hairstyles months in advance, and count down to the “Big Day” like it’s freaking Jesus’ birthday.

  3. i always get haircuts when i feel sad too! makes everything seem a little bit better for some reason (unless of course the haircut is a catastrophe). panda and i cut each other’s hair though and so far have had no disasters. 🙂

    • Phew! I forced Joey to cut my hair one time. It ended in me crying as my friend tried to repair Joey’s “oopsies”.

      • haha yikes, sounds like your hairdresser was an especially good find then. 😀 cutting panda’s is super simple (hard to mess up 12mm all over) and i am like a chia pet (cut and cut for an hour, still looks the same and needs to be cut again 3 weeks later).

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