Monthly Archives: August 2010

Guest Post!

Heya, I’ve  been feeling guilty for not being able to put up a strip in the last two weeks, so it’s with great excitement that I present Rooster Tails first ever guest comic! RJ is the super-talented artist behind the webcomic Riot Nrrd, which, if you haven’t been reading, I suggest you start. Super yay!

Super Hero Cuteness

I’m in another time zone and in another hemisphere from usual – in Colorado, actually. And I thought that while I can’t post any strips (no scanner – sad), I can put up a picture I did before I got over here.

My Butt

Any excuse to talk about Gene Kelly is a happy one.

I’m away for the next two weeks, visiting my parentals in the states. So there’ll be no updates sadly. But, rest assured I’ll be back to it in late August.

T Jealousy