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I don’t always put up the comics that I’ve drawn for Critic, but as this one relates to queerness I thought I’d post in on up: It’s part of Critic’s Queer Issue which y’all can read here. Incidentally I also did the cover for it (Yet another Wolverine!) . which you can also check out in my gallery page.

Holding Hands

It was fun drawing the cute gay guys.

Would You?

Family Portrait

It was Joe’s birthday recently, and he asked me to draw him a ‘family’ picture of me, him and bobs. So I got some images of the Original Plumbing boys, Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos:

(The photos are by Lydia Daniller, and featured in this article)

And made my own version:


‘Cos sometimes it’s good to say to out loud…

PS: Joe totally came up with the phrase: WEAPON OF MASS DECONSTRUCTION. This proves my boyfriend is the most awesome.


Searching for jobs is a little soul destroying at times. I’ve been working on my CV, and working on putting together my portfolio. If anyone’s interested in writing a testimonial for me I’d be totally grateful πŸ™‚

I’m really enjoying the adam storyline on Degrassi though. I watched the original show when I was growing up, and I’m consequently obsessed with this teen drama forever now.

Oh, and for the record, in real life – Joey is supportive of my degrassi-watching-obsession.