Searching for jobs is a little soul destroying at times. I’ve been working on my CV, and working on putting together my portfolio. If anyone’s interested in writing a testimonial for me I’d be totally grateful 🙂

I’m really enjoying the adam storyline on Degrassi though. I watched the original show when I was growing up, and I’m consequently obsessed with this teen drama forever now.

Oh, and for the record, in real life – Joey is supportive of my degrassi-watching-obsession.

11 responses to “Jobless

  1. “Degrassi” is the ATOM-BOMB. Love that show. Oh, Canada. Land of enchantment.

  2. LOl *never* apologise for watching Degrassi!!

  3. My boyfriend is also obsessed with that show! Can’t blame him though. They don’t treat LGBT issues as the butt end of jokes, and nor do they have two-dimensional LGBT characters. Props to the show’s writers.

    • Yeh I really like how all their queer characters have different storylines, and it doesn’t have to be the same old ‘arrrgh it’s painful being queer’. And I really loved how in season 3 (??) when Marco came out, that they concentrated on Spinner’s homophobia – and how that was the problem, not Marco being gay. So great.

  4. omg, I’ve been outted as a Degrassi watcher by my boyfriend!

    I do love the character of Adam, but that he seems less masculine as the season goes on… bothers me slightly.

    • Eeek! Outed as awesome!
      Yeh, I know what you mean about Adam, but I kinda like that he’s not all super macho, that he’s nerdy y’know, and hangs ’round with Eli, who also has an alternative masculinity going on. It wasn’t what I would expect, but it’s kinda refreshing.

  5. i feel you on this one…not sure when i’ll ever make it past the “15 hrs/wk nonprofit work – 25 hrs/wk menial labor service job” marker. 😛 on a positive side, i take pride in knowing that i’m doing exactly what i want to do, on my own terms, as the person i want to be…and that having a well-paid “real” job is much less important than all of that (although all of this is hard to remember when the bills come in :P). anyway, best of luck!

  6. Well thanks to you I now need to out myself as a new Degrassi fan. LOL I’m glad I stumbled across your art, even if it did fester a new obsession. 🙂

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