Scott Pilgrim…

I really do complain a lot.

13 responses to “Scott Pilgrim…

  1. Damn! That movie was soooo goood. Why don’t I live inside a video game, too?!?

  2. Well, there WAS that dark period where I spent 75% of my waking hours playing World of Warcraft. A short-lived spell, I assure you.

  3. cute and funny
    thumbs up in my book ^_^

  4. Never mind Scott Pilgrim, you sounded exactly like my boyfriend in this one! 😛

  5. sam,

    i just finished reading through your archives… your art and writing is amazing!

    as a queer, campy transfag who just started t and is looking forward to queering masculinity from a place of more bodily comfort, i’ve really enjoyed reading your comics and i wanted to say thank you.

    • Thanks Rhys, It’s so awesome to hear from other queer trans guys and know that there’s more of us out there, and the fact that they like my stuff is super humbling. So thankyou so much. I’m totally with you on the idea of “queering masculinity from a place of more bodily comfort” – I think when we can sit inside ourselves and feel at peace there’s so much we can do.

  6. samuel, i love how your blog has become a place for us “queer, campy transfags” and other people to talk about our experiences/dreams/philosophies. queering masculinity is so, so, so, so, wonderful and important. go rhys! and go all of us!

  7. PS: when you get home, can you show me how to use that picture of me preening as my profile pic? (let’s be honest – a picture of me “preening” is more accurate than me simplying saying “hi.”)

  8. : D I can’t believe you made a Scott Pilgrim reference. I love the comics and the movie.. I even live in Toronto x_x Just goes to show that you’re awesome, I suppose.

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