I actually ended up having a really awesome experience at the hospital; I go in there regularly to hold Joe’s hand be manly with Joe when he gets his T-shot, so they recognised me when I went in. The ladies at the reception whispered my given name before asking what they’d like me to change it to on their files, and then they went in and told the Doctor that I was Sam. It was super lovely.

23 responses to “Endocrinology

  1. Sam!!!! That’s so amazing!! 😀 I can’t wait to hear more like when you’ll be starting T, etc. I’m so happy for you!

  2. squee, how exciting!

  3. Awesome! Glad to hear it went well. Nelson endo refuses to deal with me anymore. GO SAM THE EPIC COMIC GUY!

  4. Ads by Google for this page:
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    I think this might just explain what’s going on..hah! I hope when you start getting shots that Joey will return the favour kindly and hold your hand too 🙂

  5. of course i will…. BE MANLY WITH YOU SAMUEL.

  6. Why, if more people understood it, then it would cease to be a disorder. 😉

  7. Keep up the great work, Sam.

  8. congratulations! friendly receptionists can just make the world such a better place when you’re in a stressful situation like that.

  9. also, i feel you with not knowing how much to share – it screwed me over with my doctor at college, who i learned didn’t support hormone therapy only after i excitedly shared my plans to go on T with him.
    luckily, i found an amazing informed-consent clinic where they actually wanted to hear the whole story. how did your interaction with the doctor go?

    • Yes, receptionists can definitely make or break a visit. Poop to your previous doctor, though it’s great you have a good one now. The endo doctor was really nice actually, and it felt quite happy – it was nice when he asked “so, do you know much about the effects of T?” and I could be like “intimately.” Haha, not really, but it was nice to be able to talk about being with Joe and having a good understanding from what he’s been going through. PS When Joe read “informed-consent clinic” he exclaimed “Woop woo!”

      • that’s fantastic! hooray for nice doctors! and that was pretty much my reaction when i found out about the clinic – some whooping and hopping up and down with glee. 🙂

  10. Congratulations! Great to hear how nice the staff treated you as well. 😀

  11. Congrats!

    Does this mean you two will learn to stick it in each other’s butts??

    I of course mean the T injections…

  12. I’ve been seeing your comics on fuckyeahftms on Tumblr for a while. I didn’t know you were from NZ until tonight. It feels kinda cool to realise! From a Wellington transguy. xx

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