14 responses to “Anxiety

  1. cutest one yet.

  2. The timing for this one is fantastic for me. THIS is exactly what’s going on in my life at the moment. Thank you, for putting it down. I don’t feel so crazy now.

    • Oh yay that’s really cool! It’s such a nice feeling to write it down to try and make myself feel better, but then sooo much nicer when other people say things like you said and I don’t feel as weird or freaky about it.

  3. I like to use the term mad, as a really productive and creative thinking and being space – one that definately embraces anxiety and going with the flow. Other people however don’t seem to get it when I embrace it proudly, nor seem to understand how it can help me work. I think it’s all about engaging in the things which make us unique rather than all the rules we fail to conform to 🙂

    • Mad is one of my most favourite-most-underutilized words. I will have to make an effort to integrate it into my vocabulary. I definitely understand that feeling of embracing something that people look at you weirdly about: Joe and I quite often call each other creepy, which often gets us strange looks. All power to engaging with uniqueness and not feeling bad about rules we fail to conform to.

  4. Me and a couple of my friend refer to our ‘crazies’. It’s an all encompassing term that seems to cover most things that we suffer from.

    I have anxiety too and one of the hardest things I’ve found about it is trying to explain to people how it affects you. I know that my fear of phones is a bit irrational but that doesn’t help me answer them! For me it’s not something that I ever ‘get over’ it’s something that I ‘battle’ and so days it’s just easier to win! 🙂

    • I like ‘crazies’ too! And, yep, totally to feeling at a loss as to how to explain it – eesh. I’m still trying to come to terms with the idea of the fact it probably won’t go away, but will be something I just gotta manage or battle with.

  5. I’ve suffered from bouts of terrible anxiety so this comic really really rings true for me! I also blame my imagination, although I never forget that I love it as well, it’s a wonderful thing when used correctly.


  6. panel 3 spoke too well to me. with permission (though i’ve already taken the liberty) this week’s comic is my wallpaper. thank you for this!

  7. I just wanted to say that my best friend, who I fully consider my brother, is a transguy here in the states and I love your blog, it resonates greatly with the things I’ve watched him go through. Its nice to know he’s not in this alone and its nice to get a humor break from the tough stuff. He’s trans, I’m androgynous, and we’re both little anxious nutters a lot of the time. 😛

    • Yay thankyou so much. I definitely think it’s important for me to have space to laugh at the funny stuff and look at the light-hearted side of it all. Little anxious nutters are my favourite type of people 🙂

  8. This is me, 100%. Always good to know when someone else feels the same way.

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