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F2M: The Boy Within

I keep forgetting to put up my post about Ryan Scott Kennedy’sΒ F2M: The Boy Within. Ryan’s an FTM Australian/Kiwi fella (like me!) who cowrote the book with Hazel Edwards. It’s the story of punk rock dude discovering himself and negotiating transitioning with family, friends and the medical system. It’s so exciting to have a book aimed at young adults (and accessible across many ages) that tells one of our communities stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was funny, sweet, real, and allowed for multiple perspectives. I really enjoyed how the book allowed for characters in the book to take a while to adjust to Finn’s transition without being demonized, and I think this book would be a really helpful resource to give to people supporting trans friends and whanau… in fact, I think I’m gonna buy it for my mum to read πŸ™‚

Post-Apocalyptic Mice

These are the post-apocalyptic butch mice that didn’t make it into this post

Of Mice and Men

We went to a meeting last week where a scientist talked about his research of chromosomes, and how he has an interesting theory about trans people. Biological determinism kinda freaks me out in general, but at one stage he told Joe and I a story that he thought we might like…

Gender Outlaws

I got my copy of Gender Outlaws in the mail a week or so ago. It has a small comic in it by me! I feel pretty darn proud and privileged to be a part of such an awesome book, with so many amazing people in it πŸ™‚

I’m gonna write up a review (which will be totally biased) about it, but in the mean time I will direct you to RJ’s comic review, which is totally awesome:

Trans Remembrance Day


So last year Joe and I made up some stickers for Transgender day of Remembrance, on November 20. We are nerds so we had a maths theme about the whole thing, and wanted to have a message about breaking down the binary and encouraging tolerance celebration of diversity….



So my friend Jamie handed in his Masters thesis last week, and this highlights one of the many reasons why I love him:

Dunedin Comic Collective

So a few years ago some mates and me set up a Comic Collective in Dunedin – ’cause we realised there were quite a few of us who drew comics or who liked reading ’em. We used to get together and drink and draw, and we had dreams of creating our very own comic book.

Well years later, and after a few pit-stops it’s finally been created! Ladies, Gentleman and Everyone else: Β I present to you DUD Vol. 1! It’s an anthology of local (Dunedin) and national (New Zealand) comic artists, including me! Plus it comes with a FREE cd of local bands too.

Basically it’s awesome and I feel really proud about seeing it published. So yeh, if you’re interested you should buy it.

So y’all should totally visit the Dunedin Comic Collective site and order one!


So…. finally an update! Sorry it took so long, but it’s long to make up for the lateness: