So…. finally an update! Sorry it took so long, but it’s long to make up for the lateness:



12 responses to “Sydney!!

  1. That whole comic was refreshingly enthusiastic about everything.

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  3. What happens if you pretend you’re a captain!? I always wanna put ‘Dr’ or ‘Sir’ or anything but ‘Miss’ or ‘Ms’ as my title on forms, but I never actually have…

    • Ah well, they had to tell the security that we weren’t *real* plane captains, the lady told us that they need to know for security reasons cos we might get asked to fly the plane in case of an emergency! They’ve never said anything to me before about being Dr., Mr. or even Reverend! But that was always nationally, there might be a different policy on international flights though.

  4. I have decided that you’re both moving to Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and living in my guest room at the Haus of Franzen. Forever. So, suss out those American visas! The End.

    P.S. It’s super-queer up in here! We have mad drag king traction! And gay bowling!

  5. When I visited NZ a few weeks ago I also felt a little disapointed because of the lack of queer culture (I didn’t have the time to look for the small queer happenings in the bigger cities). But still, I felt so sane and strong in NZ.

    Strange how you long for the things you (think you can’t) have…

    Best wishes to you in sunny Nelson.

    Peace & good things

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