Trans Remembrance Day


22 responses to “Trans Remembrance Day

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  2. Yes. Exactly. Thank you.

  3. Aw Sam, that was really touching.

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  5. Is it totally lame that this made me cry?

  6. as always. thank you 🙂
    was this written for TDOR?

  7. well, nevermind. it would help if i read the title!

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  9. In my hometown, the Trans Day of Remembrance had an event at the police station where a speech was given saying that the police and paramedics are there to support the community. They talked about violence towards the trans community. This was followed by a march towards Parliament, and concluded with a candle light vigil. Overall, it was very well attended. I have pics of it here.

    Thanks for making your comic.

  10. beautifully written and inked, and definitely made me tear up.
    well done.

  11. Beautiful. And I don’t know if you realize this or know, but this particular post swept through tumblr like a freaking tsunami that day. I was seeing it everywhere! So awesome.

  12. I can only thank you.

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