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Also: The link to Erika’s Girl Fuck (it’s seriously awesome)

EDIT: Eeek! The link to Girl Fuck wasn’t workin’ it is now 🙂


So I’ve been working on drawing naked men for a trans-male zine called DUDE. So y’all should know that turning off the “safe search” on yahoo image search and searching for jock straps is not a good idea. Unless you really enjoy penises squished into mesh jockstraps. I’m just sayin’

My comics are gonna be featured in it, plus the cover is a picture by me, so you should totally get it when it comes out.

PLUS: They’re still after submissions, so clicky click if you want more info or wanna get involved.


Joe and I decided to just give presents whenever we felt like it for xmas this year – mostly ’cause I’m really terrible at keeping secrets when I know he’ll be excited about it, and ’cause he’s really good at getting excited at the prospect of presents.

I’m not hairy enough to be a bear… yet

I guess I just feel frustrated that our communities express themselves using the medical system’s benchmarks.

Trans Post Statement Project!

Joe and I have launched a community art project on Tumblr! The idea for this originally stemmed from Joe’s thesis and was just transmasculine in New Zealand based – but we decided to expand it out to have ANY one who has ANY statement on how they feel about their gender; transwomen, transmen, genderqueers, drag performers, cis, etc. etc.

We felt like while Joe has to limit his thesis (based on time constraints and word limits) we didn’t have to limit this particular project in the same way.

We’re basically keen to show off your stuff!  Postcards can be any size/shape/format -it’d be great if they had a visual element to it, but if you don’t wanna that’s cool too – it’s just any statement you wanna share that describes or relates to your gender/sex/identity/etc. It can be anything about being a gendered/non-gendered human in the world.

So, currently, there are no set limits for the submissions, (provided they are not sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic) I think we’re just keen to see what art is produced.

One note tho, if you’re transmasculine/GQ and from NZ, could you leave us a little note so Joe knows if he can contact you about using the art in his thesis…

Again, the link:

It Gets Better

I’m still not sure I agree with the It Gets Better. The message comes across quite bleak as a statement about our community; it feels like it shifts the burden of homophobia/transphobia/queerphobia onto the backs of young people: “it’s gonna be shit for a while but it’ll be ok later on… probably”. Somehow I don’t get how much solace from the message.

That, and it someone told me they were suicidal, the last response I’d want to give would be “Well, my life is great now. So you should just wait it out until things get better for you.” Surely we should be asking “What support do you need?”

I’ve talked with other people about it and they say it works best in conjunction with other causes… like this one, or this, or this, oh and also this.

And I think I agree. It’s great to give hope, and it’s great to visibilise communities, but it’s ALSO important to ask what support people need, to create said support, to advocate for change, to get angry, to get loud, and to create allegiances across communities (’cause homophobia/transphobia/queerphobia is all our problems – just like racism, sexism, ableism, religious bigotry, and all the rest).

But still, as one more voice amongst a myriad of others, and as one person who has a lot more to say than simply “It Gets Better”, here’s mine: