Joe and I decided to just give presents whenever we felt like it for xmas this year – mostly ’cause I’m really terrible at keeping secrets when I know he’ll be excited about it, and ’cause he’s really good at getting excited at the prospect of presents.

25 responses to “Packers

  1. Haha, my boyfriend has two packers. One is soft and squishy, which is great for when I give him blowjobs. The other is more rigid, which is great for more penetrative activities. Every time I unzip his pants it’s like a Christmas present.^_^

    In short: I love squishy packers!

    • Hahaha! That is sooo excellent!
      I need to get some tips on how to keep the soft ones clean – I heard of guys keeping them in corn flour, is that what Jay does? Also… I’ve found mine rolls around a bit in my pants, should I get a harness for it….?

      • He made his own harness to keep in place. It’s an elastic waistband sacrificed from an underwear. The packer’s shaft goes through a harness O-ring, which is held onto the elastic waistband with safety pins.

        Reason #435 to want to use a harness: His buddy had a packer fall on the floor in the washroom while he was using a stall. He had to politely ask the person in the stall next to his to please pass his penis back. It was, from what I gather, an awkward moment.

      • Jay can provide more details on how he keeps it clean. I know it involves baby powder.

      • Baby powder is my best friend.

        Taking an elastic band like the ones in the top of underwear, two safety pins, and a cock ring (or the rubber O ring from a strap on) is a brilliant solution to the floating prosthetic issue.

        Mine still picks up fuzz from my boxers and hair from… the other side… but it gives it a less shocking pink color so it looks more average. Until I whip it around like nun-chucks.

      • Ah! Thankyou sooo much! I will make one promptly!
        And LOLZ at nun-chucks! Hopefully not out on the street, right?

      • …I’ve been hit with said packer nun-chuck. It friggin hurts.

    • The other isn’t really called a packer darling. It’s a cock that’s ready to rock.

      And I have a personal preference to call them prosthetics.

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  3. Use cornstarch for softness. It’s body safe. You don’t want to put anything on your packer that you wouldn’t want near your bits. I just wash it with soap and water, since it’s not going inside me or anyone else. If you wear briefs, then you don’t need much. I like to wear it in a sock because it’s softer. Otherwise, a jockstrap seems to be made to be a packer harness. It’s comfy, doesn’t move around much, and it keeps your penis in place.

    • Cool thanks Benny – jockstraps aren’t as common in NZ but I’m sure I can either hunt one down or make something similar. And cornstarch! Yes, I think that’s what I’ve heard other guys say they use! Thanks!

      • Thirded/fourthed/whatevered about the cornstarch–not only is it body-safe but it’s a lot nicer on the mouth (in terms of texture and flavor) of anybody who gets near enough for that to be an issue!

        I’ve also heard good things about putting your packer in a business sock and safety-pinning it to your undies, especially in places like public gyms or locker rooms where you want to be extra-sure it’s not going anywhere.

    • I just bought mine online from It’s purple!

  4. Also, I love this comic because I had the exact same reaction. I kept touching myself in public. “Hey guys, grope me! It’s so squishy!”

  5. The panels where he’s cuddling the penis remind me of Ursula Vernon’s disturbingly adorable phalloi paintings.

  6. Hehehe. I had the same reaction when I got my packer. “Squishy!” And of course, the same day I got it (which was during Pride Weekend), I got super drunk and performed auto-fellatio. There are pictures. I REGRET NOTHING.

  7. This is just beautiful! I had to scramble to explain to my kid just what was so funny, but he seemed to understand the explanation that sometimes people may look like a girl but actually be a boy, and vice versa. He certainly understood the part about fascination with one’s penis.

  8. remind me to grope you and joey when you come up 😛

  9. I love all your comics but I particularly love this one because it really mirrors my reactions when I got my packer. Especially it being so cute and cuddly part.

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