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Packer Harness

I was quite proud of my sewing skills for this, so I decided to draw a comic about it. I used black elastic, though, which is better for a cleaner look. Tim Gunn would be proud.

Because Jedi’s are Cool

Jedi Mind Tricks

Late last year there was a really moving blog post by Carrie Goldman that ran through the internets about a young girl who’d been bullied because she liked Star Wars.

I felt sad about that. So I decided to write a comic about my own experiences. ‘Cause girls can totally like Star Wars, and so can transboys! And so –

Moving To Auckland

So at the end of last year I applied for a Master of Creative Writing course at the Auckland Uni of Technology. I mostly applied because I heard that Dylan Horrocks was going to be one of the supervisors, but also because it looked wicked.

Anyway, I submitted a proposal and got accepted to the course! So in a couple of weeks time I’ll be moving up there. So, if my comics get a bit sporadic over the next little while, and if you notice lots of comics about how much I miss Joe (he’s staying here until he finishes his masters – *sadface*), then this is probably the reason why.

Below, my comic proposal! Coming to a masters programme soon:


Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

So a few of you might remember that I had the honour of having a comic of mine be published in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. Well, in the spirit of RJ’s Riot Nrrrd, I’ve done my own comic review of it:

Also, speaking of RJ, they’re being interviewed by Bitch as part of the blog’s series ‘Beyond The Panel’ interviewing webcomic artists! I’ve been asked to do an interview to, so keep an eye out for that in the future as well πŸ™‚

Rebecca Swan

I feel pretty amazed to have the privilege of being photographed, but also to actually take up that opportunity and say “yeh, I’ll do it”. It’s totally not my style, and even a couple of months ago I probably would have shied away from it. So, I pretty much feel awesome about it.

Plus Rebecca Swan was super amazing about all the gender stuff too; calling us “guys” and using male pronouns the whole time, even if on top of our nakedness and my lack of testosteroned body. It could have been quite a vulnerable-making, terrifying experience, but Rebecca was totally awesome about helping us feel seen.

You should check out her site here, btw: SITE!!

This is a nothing post…

…but I felt compelled to point out that I’m really quite proud of my own submission to Joe’s and my Trans Post Statement Project

PS. I’m updating the gallery section right now too…

Queens Honours

It’s New Years Day here already! Oh, and I totally spelt “honour” the kiwi way (just in case you think it’s an ongoing spelling mistake).

Edit: Ha! I totally just realised that I’ve been doing this for a whole year now, WOAH! I thought I’d last until February last year, well done me, I guess I should keep going then.