This is a nothing post…

…but I felt compelled to point out that I’m really quite proud of my own submission to Joe’s and my Trans Post Statement Project

PS. I’m updating the gallery section right now too…


6 responses to “This is a nothing post…

  1. This was one of my favorites, I didn’t realize it was yours!

  2. this is awesome!

  3. Hey there. Never commented on this before but I read your comics all the time and always look forward to them updating on Sundays.
    This secret is really well done.
    I recently realized one of the reasons for my Batman obsession is my transguy identity. Oh Batman…
    Did you like comics when you were younger?

    • Thanks heaps! I always appreciate comments, so feel free to comment whenever!
      I remember stealing a batman comic one of my brothers had when the batman movie first came out, and I’d read that a lot. I was also into Spiderman a lot when I was younger too.

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