Jedi Mind Tricks

Late last year there was a really moving blog post by Carrie Goldman that ran through the internets about a young girl who’d been bullied because she liked Star Wars.

I felt sad about that. So I decided to write a comic about my own experiences. ‘Cause girls can totally like Star Wars, and so can transboys! And so –

12 responses to “Jedi Mind Tricks

  1. I was following that story–you’re right, it was wonderful to see the outpouring of support.

  2. I was really happy with how the online community reacted, except those few “helpful” ladies who mentioned that geek stuff is somehow better than girl stuff or that she was definitely cooler than the girls who only liked girl stuff, which made me sad(way to fight gender essentialism with sexism ladies!).

    But on a less GRR note, this is effing precious. I’ve been waiting for the day that I can afford a proper lightsaber so that I can finally express my inner Jedi.

  3. That original story really surprised me. My initial thought was “Why didn’t they accept her into their group?” I guess I was just lucky that the circles I hung out with at school included different genders.

    • Yeh, I think it’s great to talk with people who’ve had different experiences of friends in school – I definitely feel like I had a pretty ok time of it compared to others, so it’s cool you had such a positive experience 😀

  4. I was totally that kid in elementary school who ran around the playground with boys and made the best paper lightsabers. Glad to hear there’s others out there.

    Also, I love your expression in the first panel, and the last ones just super cool.

  5. This is hilarious. Also, I couldn’t find a contact link anywhere, but I found a new article online this morning and was interested to see what your commentary would be on it (in comic form, of course =))

    I’m just picturing a normal brain, and beside it my brain full of rainbows and tools and Cher and a double-dose of fabulous… but I’m not an artist, and you are. I love what you do so I thought I’d see if you’d like to add your perspective on the whole business. =)


    • Haha…. oh dear it’s funny how often those sorts of articles come up. I think my brain would reveal lots of useless knowledge, comic book and movie geekery, and would probably be in the shape of a sweater-vest!

  6. I feel like there are unusually more geeks than average in the trans population. Star Wars is great, though. I’m glad I wasn’t allowed to change my name when I first wanted to at nine years old, or else I’d be called Anakin now (really begged my mom for that, plus a “haircut like a jedi”).
    : )

    • Yes, I agree there seems to be an increased percentage of geeks in our population. Anakin would be a bad ass name for a little kid… come to think of it, it’d be pretty amazing to have a receptionist call out “Anakin” in the waiting room, and you get to be the one who stands up.

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