Packer Harness

I was quite proud of my sewing skills for this, so I decided to draw a comic about it. I used black elastic, though, which is better for a cleaner look. Tim Gunn would be proud.

8 responses to “Packer Harness

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  2. That’s like a fancier version to the one I use!

    I have an elastic (that somehow was the perfect length right out of the package), two safety pins, and a ring. Safety pins are great for those who have no sewing skills 🙂

    • Yes, I took it from the way you described your one in a previous comment! (took/stole….oops)….
      Safety pins scare me too much, especially in sensitive areas – I don’t trust my coordination skills, plus I’d be worried they’d pop open and start stabbing me!

  3. Ahh, I like the addition of the hooks! Good way to deal with the inevitable stretching out of straight-up elastic 🙂

  4. Griffin Nichol

    OMG I am totally going to make one. HUrrah

    • yes! do! they’re great! I was also talking to some of the guys from Hong Kong and Singapore last night and they gave me info on other packers that were super good quality. I use the mr. limpy ones on – what do you use? Also – do you know about the nztransguys forum on yahooo groups?

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