I’ve been lucky enough to have had some of my comics accepted into a new zine called DUDE! (Even being lucky enough to provide the cover image). The zine is all about providing a resource for negotiating trans male relationships.

In it I’ve got some comics (including the one below) about questions trans guys have been asked… that aren’t necessarily happy for us to answer…. and some alternatives to maybe use.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia on the 18th of Feb you should totally check out the launch party: details 🙂

5 responses to “Dude!

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  2. Dang! This one looks really really good! (I also love your color comics, but I am a black-and-white junkie first and foremost).

    • Yeh this one totally inspired me to do more black and white stuff – I definitely wanna do more like this in the future, I have to do a bit of research about how other artists get so much out of their black and white images though… it is not a skill that comes naturally to me. But I’m looking forward to learning!

  3. I’m genuinely surprised by this one, I wouldn’t have pegged it as a bad question, and just put it in the same category as asking someone if they’re still going to get laser eye surgery or something…

    • Yeh, I guess for me it feels a bit about context. Like if you’re trying to pick someone up at a party it’s not the most appropriate. But also, I think there’s lots of guys who wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about their bodies, especially bits they have/might want to/ might be expected to change (but I should use I statements: I wouldn’t feel comfortable being asked about it randomly at a party, that’s for sure).

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