Oh dear! Will Dance for Money!!

So…. I’m moving to Auckland this weekend. And I checked my bank balance this morning and almost cried. Times might be kinda tough for the next few weeks before course starts so I thought I might do a little fundraising drive.

If you’ve enjoyed reading Rooster Tails and wanna donate, I’d really, really, reaaaaalllly appreciate it.

I am keen to do incentives for people who are interested….

$5 or more gets you a handmade thankyou card from me!

$10+ gets you a thankyou card + a 8×10 signed print of your favourite Rooster Tails Strip

$30 + gets you the thankyou card + print of your favourite strip + a one-of-a-kind sketch by yours truly.

Of course you can always send me a message (via facebook, or leave a comment and I’ll give you my email address) to arrange a commission if you have an image in mind that you’d like me to do for you. We can arrange prices and whatnot via emails.

32 responses to “Oh dear! Will Dance for Money!!

  1. Oh, kiddo! Don’t hafta ask me twice. Done & done.

    Wishing you a safe & joyful journey to Auckland.


    :: A

  2. I would (a) love a print and (b) love to help you out anyway, so I want to make sure that sending something alllll the way to the States won’t actually cost you more than you’re asking for! because that is obviously not the point. I am quite happy to pay extra for postage.

    Lemme know. Email is queernetic at gmail, in case WordPress doesn’t automatically barf that up for you. ❤

    • Woop, thankyou!! I am more than happy to send to the US, I made the paypal donate thingummy work in US$ cos that’s where most of my readers are from. I sent ya an email anyways 🙂

  3. I really love your comic and would also like a print, but I live in the UK! Please let me know what the postage would be via my e-mail so I don’t end up costing *you* money…

    • I looked up NZpost and it looks like it’ll only cost $2.90NZ to send an a4 letter internationally – and as it’ll just be a print it won’t be too thick to send (even with a solid backboard) – so it shouldn’t end up digging into your donation too much 🙂
      Thankyou soooo much! Exciting that you’re all the way over in the UK too! yahoo!

      • That’s great 🙂 I will be getting some moneyz in my Paypal account in a few days’ time so I’ll send it over with my chosen strip then (“Anxiety”, in case Paypal won’t let me write it in notes).

        You’re welcome! Times like this remind me how much I love the Internet 😉

  4. Heya, I’d really love to help in any way and I have a commission that I’d like to have done. I’d much rather work it out through email so if you could send me one to the address I provided that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Keep up the wonderful work and good luck with your move!

  5. Hey Sam, just because I’m lazy, I’m gonna’ write it down here instead of some more direct format that I’d love to commission a thing for a donation thing stuff etc. Not only because it’d be good for me to actually own something of yours, but also because after moving to Wellington as of recently I know how it feels, financially. Thanks. I’m excited for the both of us now.

  6. Really happy to be able to help out a little and a print/artwork is a huge bonus. Could you drop me an email (you should have it via the PayPal notification, I think) to work out details? Thanks, Cai.

  7. Hey. Some-time reader, first-time commenter.

    I’m dating an anxious, sensitive, kinda androgynous/femme-y guy who’s been struggling with a lack of models for that kind of manliness forEVER – he’s cis and working-class, and was very much raised with the “You are a BOY and must do BOY THINGS like FIGHTING and SPORT and NEVER CRYING.” When “Affirmation” was reposted by sexisnottheenemy it nearly made him cry. (In the good way.) So that’s how we started reading RT, and we would treasure a print of that strip.

    £10 (um, it should come out to $16 USD or thereabouts?) will be arriving in your PayPal shortly. Much love from the UK from the both of us.

  8. Will you still be needing the money say, roughly two week from now or the beginning of March? The reason I ask is because there is very little I’d love more then to commission you but I won’t have the money until I get paid again at the beginning of the month (darn you grad school, why so expensive?).

    Good luck!

  9. Hey mate – I’d never seen this site before Erika Moen mentioned it on twitter! Nice stuff!

    I’d been keen on a small commission piece – wifey’s birthday is just around the corner, and j reckon this would be a pretty sweet surprise! Pop me an email and I’ll chat to you about it.

  10. Hey, I sent a donation and I’d like to talk about a possible small commission. Thanks!

  11. Hello, my PayPal account needs a little while to get set up, but in the meantime I have a question or two anyway, so here is my email!

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  13. I just sent an account, but using my paypal account, which is in my legal name. If that’s where you’re getting the information for a mailing address, can I specify a different name? Is this a silly question? Anyway.

  14. *A donation, not an account

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  16. I totally get being broke. I’d love to offer money, but I’d have to have some to give some. I would be willing to work out a trade though. I’d be willing to help a brother out and cook for you. Like one casserole/pasta/re-heatable glory kind of meal that will fill your fridge for a bit. We can make that a weekly/bi-weekly thing too.

    I work at the Genderbridge office aka Outline so I could meet you there or I could pass it off to Gong to get to you (so long as she doesn’t steal it for herself). She mentioned you might want to hang out too. I passed my email on to her to pass to you, so we could hang out then and I can cook for you then. So yeah, email and we’ll figure it out.


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