Goodbye Dunedin, Hello Auckland

I left for Auckland yesterday afternoon and am now waking up as an ‘Aucklander’. Exciting.

Also Scary.

Also. I’m doing a fundraising drive


9 responses to “Goodbye Dunedin, Hello Auckland

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  2. At least you’ll be away from the threatening-looking vampire tooth tower in Joe’s world. I fear for his safety. 🙂

    • Haha!! It’s supposed to be the otago uni clock tower, but I think I must have subconsciously made it scary looking in an attempt to say “Quick! Joe! Get out of there! That building is about to eat you alive! You MUST come to Auckland, NOW!” I should warn him.

  3. Ha, cloudy Dunedin, sunny Auckland. Subtle.

  4. I have conflicting feelings of sadness and happiness reading this. :’/

  5. ah the great southern land with its already small number of inhabitants is missing you already, as are those of us who reside here. Don’t stay away too long.. but in saying this, I hope your comic genious gets to spend the year getting all the attention it deserves, and hopefully Auckland provides you with plenty of inspiration. Hope the heat doesn’t mean you neglect your vests..

    • I have grand plans to come back to visit, I just need to save up a bit. I’m really looking forward to course starting – mostly because it’ll be airconditioned. No vests have been worn for two days now. It’s quite sad. I may have to wait until winter…. 😦
      p.s. did you get our two packages to you?

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