Watching the news is pretty traumatising at the moment. I don’t really have words, so I drew a picture.

5 responses to “Christchurch

  1. So sorry about the disaster at Christchurch. Just reconnected with a friend of mine in Brisbane. As she puts it, in times like these, “we’re all in together and separation is only a physical illusion.”
    So glad to know you’re OK. Take good care.

  2. My best friend from when I was 10 onwards studies at the University of Canterbury. Fortunately, he’s okay. My thoughts are with the families of the hundred plus who weren’t able to say the same.

  3. Thanks you two. It’s amazing how small the world feels in times like this – seems like everyone’s got a connection to it. Which is pretty warming in some ways.

  4. Hey.
    I’m Kizzie (Half-Kiwi Half-Aussie). From North Island, Napier. Although I currently live in Brisbane, the images from both Christchurch, combined with the floods/hurricanes from my hometown, brought me to tears too.
    There’s really no words to describe what happens when you see, even if it’s just a picture or video on a newspaper, some place familiar to you in ruins.
    Keep safe everyone, hope and pray for families and friends.

    • Yes, I agree – it’s been very intense watching the last three months of horrific disasters in Australia, NZ and Japan. Not to mention the political unrest in Egypt and Libya. It’s all a bit much, really.

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