Earthquake Relief Comic

So the awesome folks at Funtime Comics, a Christchurch Comic Collective, will be releasing a special Earthquake Relief issue, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

They’re looking for both  New Zealand and international artists to write a comic for this special issue, which will be available for the Wellington Armageddon convention.

I’ve been feeling pretty stink about what’s been happening over there, so it’s nice to feel like I can contribute somewhat. I popped in a 2-pager this morning.

So if you’re keen to put in a submission and want more details then click here.


10 responses to “Earthquake Relief Comic

  1. Sammo! that link appears to simply be taking me back to facebook…

  2. I didn’t actually know where to put this so IT’S GOIN’ HERE.

    You’re so lovely. You just come across on the blog as this really caring person who’s a great boyfriend and fights for all these rights and I know that you’re probably feeling down on yourself right about now. Because, life and the news, makes you feel that way. Don’t.

    There are people who are fighting for rights. Not just the queers, the non-binary gendered, the transpeople, gays, lesbians, but there are a lot of wonderful straight cisfolk out there (including myself!) who believe that everyone deserves equals rights.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is- YOU GO, GLEN COCO. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Hey Sam,
    Would like to get a copy how do I get one? I can’t figure it out on the website…..

  5. I just read your strip and I felt I had to post a message to say that it is really great! Many of us New Zealanders have not yet experienced destruction like this, but you really conveyed the empathy that we can share with our friends and relatives who have.

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