Socially Awkward

Sorry it’s so late.


23 responses to “Socially Awkward

  1. Scott Pilgrim reference +1000Xp!

  2. Nice Scott Pilgrim nod 🙂 Awesome.

  3. I like the hipsters, their a lovly people. To bad the goths can’t seem to stand’em. How was your first week and a bit of classes?

    • I’m really really loving it. I feel super daunted about the writing aspect of it. BUT I’ve got given some money for “course related costs” which means I’ve been buying lots of comic books for “research”!!

  4. plenty people to let down or is that plenty people to dismiss?

    I also find pretending to be a snob works to cover up awkwardness pretty well.

  5. *tiny fist bump of social awkward solidarity* I have this precise problem. On paper, I sound like a neat person…and then I start turning the awkward up, unless I’ve got handy-dandy back-up available.

    Also…Scott Pilgrim win! I need to watch that again. 😀

    • We should develop a hand gesture to represent social awkwardness! Then we could all unite in the corner of parties and pretend to read the books in the house or posters on the wall. Or my favourite – pretending to text on my cellphone.

  6. thesecretkeith

    W00t SP.

    I know how you feel about the social awkwardness. I get really scared sometimes that the better people get to know me, the more bland and uninteresting I will become in their minds : P

    But we all have our moments, and we are all awesome. Some people just have short attention spans.

  7. I never thought a person could pull off wearing an orange vest with a green shirt. But somehow it looks nice here.

  8. Haha, Joe was wearing precisely that colour combination in reverse the other day. Bah, let down, I doubts it.

  9. Nice Scott Pilgrim reference there 🙂

  10. Hey there,

    I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I absolutely love and enjoy your comics. Thank you for putting words and comics to your experiences as well as the thoughts that maybe many of us can relate to but can’t express quite so eloquently / cleverly.

    Hope you’re doing well!



  11. Daw, I can relate to this – but, isn’t it amazing when you meet someone who you really click with, maybe all the more so because it doesn’t happen so often? Hi ho silver lining.

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