A while ago I made a poster for the Pacific and Asia Regional Trans and Intersex hui as part of the Wellington Outgames Human Rights conference. I volunteered to help out a bit getting international participants to the conference – and it was soo awesome to meet all the faces I’d been emailing, and pestering for details. It was such an overwhelming, incredible experience to share stories and ideas with a room full of 90 or more gender diverse people and allies.

I really don’t think I can  describe the feeling. I spent most of the time pretending to find jobs, because I felt like if I stopped and thought about how many cool activists, who did incredibly important things, I’d probably start crying or something. And that would ruin my *manly* reputation.

No, but seriously, it was incredible.

For the three days after that there was the official human rights conference for the outgames – and I got to participate in some incredibly powerful workshops. It’s given me a lot to think about, in terms of my own privilege, and in terms of what sorts of things I could be involved in, and I feel empowered to put on my activist cape and walking alongside the incredible change-makers I met.

Plus! I got to see Joe too!! It was great. I think I would have spent the whole time freaking out if he wasn’t there to squeeze my hand every now and then, and to check in with him after each day. He’s cool. Really, really cool. I miss him. Saying goodbye again was a little heartbreaking.

Oh yeh, and I got to see roller derby too!! (as noted in the above comic) As part of the Outgames they had a special Trans Tasman match. The Wellington Richter City All Stars vs. The Sydney City Assassins. Wait for fan art. My world has been officially changed.

Wow. This has been a super long post.

14 responses to “Conference

  1. i’m surprised you managed to squeeze out a comic after that whole ordeal!

    do i spy satya and evan?

    • I know! I did it last night and this morning – phew! You do indeed spy satya and evan and there’s a mauro, khartini, ienes, naomi, mani, griffin, and man wai too in there 🙂

  2. I watched the Roller Derby online at home – awesome!!! Richter City had way too many self-inflicted penalties. 😦 Still, a great bout.
    And oh yeah, great hui on Tuesday. Good to see you in person! I start to think you only exist in 2 dimensions.

    • It’s so great they webcast it! I’m gonna totally check it out next time they play. Plus I’ll be looking out for the Auckland derby too. I was surprised at how well Richter City did, agreed too many self-inflicted penalties, but they definitely tightened up in the second half. So great to see you too! And Brooklyn briefly as well. I am gonna keep my eyes open for Wellington grabaseats and get my butt down there more often 🙂

  3. I spent the weekend at a queer conference & roller derby with *my* Joe in California. Things overlap, eh?

  4. I think you are super awesome and do inspiring things.. thank you for sharing your art! 🙂

  5. mr roostertails, i would just like to say that you are quite fabulous, and i am in love with you.

    please can we spend some time together without our awesome queer/trans activists hats on – in fact, with no hats or clothes at all?

    thank you, look forward to your correspondence,

    boyfriend joe.

    • My dear Joe,
      Resorting to flirtations via the comments section of my comic? There are consequences for such behaviour, I’ll have you know.
      This is an inappropriate use of this space. Therefore we should reconvene at a more appropriate space – i.e. the same space. Pronto.
      With much affection,

  6. The hui was a really intense day. As you said, it’s difficult to describe the feeling. It was a very positive feeling, to be in such a safe space, but at the same time I did feel something heavily emotional inside me that day.
    After being at the hui I did feel like I had become closer to the community and more firm about my queer identity. Jack was amazing to organise it and thanks to you and Joe so much for making it an enjoyable occasion as well.

    PS. I’ve seen the thread you made on Curious, just thinking of things I can suggest as resources and such… 😛

    • Yeh I agree it was super intense, I went to bed feeling all stirred up, it was positive, but yeh as you said “heavily emotional”. It’s awesome that you feel closer the the community now ‘tho. I agree – super big ups to Jack for doing so much organising – if only we could have those things more often!
      And yay for thinking bout the curious stuff – it’d be awesome to get a good discussion goin’ on there 🙂

  7. OK…so I have been looking at this comic for awhile now, coming back to it and re-looking….feeling a little coy ‘cos someone else can see Evan but I’m not sure which one he is, and I live with him. First I thought the guy at the front in the blue tee, but now I’m going with the cute one in the forest green….GOD I hope I’m right!!!! This could be very embarrassing…..please put me outa my misery!

    • YES! Cute one in the green was meant to be him, it ended up looking like another guy that was there too, so I guess it’s a bit of a mix, and so not really a surprise you didn’t get it. I’ll make sure to do a better one at the next hui we’re at, oooh, it’ll be kazaam, I could draw you too!!

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