Last Week I had a Bad Day

Sometimes my dramaqueen-ness/emotionality is pretty hilarious. I’m feeling much better now.

14 responses to “Last Week I had a Bad Day

  1. ZOMG! I totally had a day (or two…or five) of mega-anxious woe last week.

    Something in the cosmos. Or the earth’s core.

    Glad you’re mo’ better. XO!

    • Oh dear! Yes! I think it must be in the air. Maybe it was the universe sending out their condolences about Liz. Hope you’re feeling better too. I’ve always loved how you voice how important angst days are, ‘though. I carry that with me when I’m having the above sorts of days.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Here’s a long hug anyways.

  3. Aw crud. I’ve had some of those days.

  4. AND Dianna Wynne Jones. Wah!

    Glad you got to ‘enjoy’ your bad day properly – sometimes I feel like you need to just get it out and wallow for a while. That said, hope there aren’t too many of those bad days in the future.

  5. I send bigbigbig hugs. On those days I hang out on Twitter a lot; there are a surprising number of supportive people around.

  6. Totally had that day last week too. Must be somethin goin’ around. 😉

  7. Are you turning into a crazy cat lady?

  8. griffin nichol


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