Roller Derby

One of my stories in my master’s project is going to be about a roller derbier/derbist/derber (??) someone who plays roller derby. So I’ve had to practice drawing action shots of skater grrrls. I’m playing around with colours too, to give it an old school look, but I’m kinda failing miserably, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It also means that  I’ll *have* to go along to more roller derby bouts and watch the hot women, for, y’know, artistic inspiration. My life can be really difficult sometimes.

12 responses to “Roller Derby

  1. Yellow, Brown, White and Orange. Rockin’ retro colour scheme.

  2. thought about decreasing the blackness of those lines? what black are you using? I like the grey parts – multi goodness

  3. Maybe try some bruises or band-aids! Roller derby is brutal.

  4. the auckland team practice down the road from me on sundays; you could stalk/draw them and i could work up the courage to ask if i can learn to ref (becouse i’m male T-T) then I can offer you wine or tea (or wine in tea) after and/or before 🙂

  5. the pirate city rollers practise at a rink (that seems to be abandoned when their not using it) in Old Papatoetoe

  6. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with 🙂

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